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I am a loyal Daily Apple reader who’s just begun a full-scale primal + IF + HIIT lifestyle.
As for the common belief that carbs play an integral role in protein synthesis, I hope I can lay that one to rest as well. On the other side of the coin, carb intake can, indeed, negatively impede fat burning by giving the body glucose to use instead of making it work to burn fat.
In short, you’re much better off wrapping up your strength workout at an hour or less and staying on the primal track.
I would like to address the question near the end asking if eating carbs post-workout will induce inflammation. The idea of a PWO meal containing carbs (and protein) is to take advantage of a period of time in which the muscles are particularly insulin sensitiveve. In addition to sub-cutaneous fat (under the skin) people also store considerable amounts of fat in interstitial muscular spaces and visceral fat around the vital organs. Mark I may be missing something here but that Omega-3 study you referenced is saying that the fish oil works by improving insulin sensitivity.
Charles, Robb’s answer is also correct, but applies to the guy who wants and needs more glycogen all the time because he or she is working hard all the time. I agree it says it improves insulin sensitivity which means you need less to drive protein into muscles. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy levels or just generally look and feel healthier you've come to the right place. There you'll find books, food, and the best supplements on the planet to help you take control of your health for life.

It’s true that the time immediately after a weight workout is a prime opportunity for protein synthesis.
High carb meals that are not consumed directly after workouts will generate lots of insulin. As long as you go for the protein-rich snack afterward, your muscle growth won’t suffer for it. I can eat huge quantities of fruit post-workout, and it makes me feel great and full of energy for the rest of the day without poofing me up. Since I do my strength training right after my HIIT, I tend to use BCAA (branch chain amino acids) supplements in order to stay primal with the after-workout meal. You and Robb Wolff (Crossfit guy) answered the same question today, with slightly different results. We can fly nutrients into the muscle “under the radar” via a mechanism called “non insulin mediated glucose transport”.
You’ve mentioned before that if one is trying to lose fat, keeping carbs under 80 grams a day is helpful. O3s improve insulin sensitivity, which means that aminos can get into cells without needing a huge amount of insulin to drive them in. As a friend of multiple muscle builders, I’ve been told that carbohydrates are necessary for that muscle growth. One of the effects of over-filling muscle glycogen beyond what is necessary is that swollen look, since we store three grams of water for every gram of glycogen. That insulin will promote fat storage once glycogen stores are full, and it will serve to lock fat inside the fat cells.
Of course, any PB-style low level aerobic work can be done for much longer, since you’ll be burning primarily fats anyway. Otherwise, I feel as though my body is super weak and therefore I’m inclined to eat recklessly, which as you have shown in this article is not a good idea.

Amino acids are also taken in during this time and may play a synergistic role in both glycogen repletion but also decreasing inflammation that accompanies hard training.
Assuming one is getting their carbs from veggies, do you count the fiber in the vegetables or not? While I’m not about to go back to my high-carb ways, I am willing to make an exception for post-lifting meals (within an hour window). And once glycogen stores are topped off, excess glucose (carbohydrate) is readily converted to fat.
I’ve heard this is the optimal time for carb-intake as your muscles are depleted of glycogen stores. Though your metabolism will remain elevated for a while post-workout, you’re essentially done working and burning the same high level of calories. Adding carbs after the fact isn’t necessary, and they come with a price when the body will just end up storing their energy. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, glucose in the bloodstream has toxic implications unless it’s being stored or burned right away as fuel. The belief here is that raising insulin levels (as a result of carb intake) will enhance protein synthesis. Your body can use it to begin refilling its stores, and your normal Primal eating plan during the rest of the day will finish the job.
Fruit should be used sparingly in this meal if one is focused on optimized glycogen repletion as fructose refills liver glycogen first, and once liver glycogen is full we up-regulate the lipogenic activity of the liver and start down the road towards fat gain and insulin resistance. Meanwhile, you’ll cruise through the day nicely relying on your stored fats for fuel.

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