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The bad news is that Testosterone level decreases with age and decreases as much as 1% per year after age 30 . Testosterone levels above or below the normal range are considered by many to be out of balance. While Testosterone is generally associated with sexual characteristics of men , many people are not aware that T is  also responsible for  healthy libido, building muscle mass, and maintaining energy level. Therefore an extreme deviation from the  normal T level should be investigated by a medical doctor. Men who have Testosterone levels that are higher than average may experience both benefits and drawbacks. My doctor said he was reluctant to do TRT and recommended I try the natural route(wtf) and said I should check out the herbal stores which he admitted to knowing nothing about. Out of general recommendation, I would say look at checking your vitamin D and supplementing with 5000 IU once a day with food. I had really high So when my libido comes back I hope to be a alpha male again like when I was younger. Here is the honest truth: most of the bullshit you read online is to try to get men to think their t levels are low and get started on t replacement therapy. Low T level may result in a decline in physical energy, strength, stamina, and diminished mental aggressiveness. The benefits, which are modest, include normalizing blood pressure and lowering the likelihood of obesity and heart attack. You offer some great info here and I’ll be bookmarking this site for further updates. Really only the last couple of months I have really begun to learn a lot about nutrition and proper lifting. I actually notice the fatigue and low sex drive, the sex drive is significantly lower than about two years ago, erections are also not as solid. When I asked about the injections he said they would be once a month, so I'm not sure he knows too much about this. The drugs definitely are hurting you and if you stay off those you could probably expect improvements in many areas. This would definitely increase your SHBG, which would contribute to your low free testosterone.
I already do get loads of sunshine and I take orange triad multi-vitamin, which lists 1000IU in it's dosage though I'm not sure how much is actually absorbed. Studies have shown that total testosterone levels decrease by approximately 30% in healthy men between the ages of 25 and 75.

Moreover, men may experience more aches and pains in the bones and joints and they may also have a decline in libido and erections. However, there is a tendency for such men to consume more alcoholic beverages, and they are more likely to smoke, and more likely to get injured. However if you are on some T therapy , the levels must be monitored closely , at least once in 6 months.
I planned on doing a test cycle as soon as I turned 25 anyways, seeing as my free test is so low(I think) would I be better of just doing it now?
I agree with sleep probably being the biggest factor here, and hopefully in a month or two the marijuana will be completely out of my system.
An 80-year-old man with Type 2 diabetes?The fact that reference ranges don?t break patients down by age or health status explains why a 30-year-old man can go to his doctor with the symptoms of low T, only to be told that his T levels are fine because they?re within the ?normal? range. I can also get an erection when i am easily aroused after waking up and groggy but i rarely wake up with morning wood. The ranges are the ranges for a reason, and its not because 20 year old men and 80 year old men are lumped together.
According to some researchers, the higher the testosterone level, the more likely men are to participate in risk-taking behavior (sexual, injury risk, and even criminal activity). Anyway its just an additional thing to test for with your regular blood test.It is usually not included in the regular check up so you have to request for it. Despite my current one being horrible(imo) at diagnosing, he will do pretty much what I ask.
But make no mistake, you almost certainly don't need anything drastic like doubling your testosterone levels .
I guess Ill try all of these improvements and get tested again in a month or so, just to see where I'm at.
If you?re 30 (or even 50), but have the same testosterone level as an 8o-year-old, diabetic man, your doc may say you?re okay, but you?re still not going to feel good.
I suspected that the testosterone tests given by doctors are inaccurate because I had mine checked a year ago and they said that I'm in the high-average range even though I felt weak everyday, was moody, and had mild ED. QuoteHere is the honest truth: most of the bullshit you read online is to try to get men to think their t levels are low and get started on t replacement therapy. My nutrition hasn't been that bad, but I was smoking a lot of dope, upwards of two grams a day since I was 14.
Plain and simple.What?s interesting is that for many years, the bottom number of the reference range for T levels at many medical labs was much lower.
They try to control for this by testing you first thing in the morning and at least 24 hours after an orgasm, but it does not account for all the variance.

Still, I've changed that in the last 3 weeks and gone to a vegetarian, fruit and fish diet. Besides the dope I have been smoking probably two unfiltered cigarettes a day, but for the past month I have completely cut both of those out. Nearly everything you do and who you can be is based on your diet, whether you realize it or not.It affects your mood, body and energy. Yes it sucks to be on the lower end of the range, but this does not mean you have low T or that anything is wrong with you! You could have had a testosterone level of 250 (which is super low) and still be told by your doctor that you were normalAverage Testosterone Levels by AgeResearchers have known for years that T levels typically drop by about 1% every year after you hit your mid-30s. Furthermore, any deviations from altered behavior (IE unable to get erections) are usually a result of your metabolic and nutritional system - given any medical problems as being discovered.
So if you?re 35, comparing yourself to a bunch of 80-year-old men isn?t very useful because they likely have really low T levels.Unfortunately, many labs don?t break down reference ranges by age. Example: I was diagnosed with anemia, which was a result of undiagnosed gluten intolerance.
Very few men have legitimate low T before they are 50 unless they abused anabolic steroids the wrong way. As a result of my nutritional deprivation and my state of mind (depression) I further took on bad habits pulling me farther away from equilibrium. Young men are supposed to have more T than old men and all that.2) I bet you had no idea T-levels in men have fallen 20% in 20 years, at least in the US.
Furthermore, T levels are  largely governed by genetics most of the time - I will give you this. That being said, the ability to gain erections once again is not largely correlated with testosterone but the frequency of it is such.  How do you know he has no penis-brain communication? Some common chemicals are endocrine disrupters  which could account for that.Quote- Cut out ALL junk food (the biggest factor, in fact!)Hey, did you know you need cholesterol to make testosterone?
If I was in his position I would still try to do exactly what he was doing - its like trial and error. If he at least does or attempts to do things I suggested and more - at least he'll be in a better state to asses what is wrong.

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