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The FKN Gym Wear Graffiti leggings are designed with comfort, versatility and bad ass style in mind to cover you in all aspects of your training. FKN Gym Wear Graffiti Leggings are perfect for all seasons and to wear both in and out of the gym, perfect for all occasions.
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Among many similar products, Recovery RXTM is distinguished by its revolutionary form which is based on special and well-matched configuration of components.

Finally you have a pair of compression tights to complement the hard work you have been putting into your workouts and diet. These have taken a LONG time to get perfected but FKN are very happy with the final product and so are we. The product not only reduces the recovery time between training sessions, but also regenerate tired muscles and helps with joint pain.
The unique mix of elements included in Recovery RXTMimproves protein synthesis and, what is more, increases growth hormone secretion which is essential for building muscle mass.

Besides improving immune system functions, Recovery RXTM helps refuel exhausted and weary muscles what is very important after any physical effort.
The last, but not least property of the product is its ability to enhance aerobic and anaerobic workout gains.

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