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However, on the other hand, one does not need to purchase equipment to get a flat stomach and strong washboard abs as illustrated on the woman at the beach pictured here. This website offers a variety of good exercises such as the "sexy summer abs workout planks," side plank lifts, knee hugs and a whole lot more to get those abs in shape.
The exercise routine may take only 20 or 30 minutes every day of your precious time, though, and you may want to increase the time as you feel stronger.
Mollie EatonDenver Fitness Trends ExaminerMollie Eaton holds a lifelong passion for fitness. Dirt roads and dogs: Packing tips for camping with dogsThis series of articles, Dirt Roads And Dogs, is to encourage more people to camp with dogs by covering some of the questions that come up in conversation. Romanticism is influencing a current fashion trendDeccan Chronicle posted an article on June 5th, 2016 about the rise of Romanticism in the fashion industry.
Lie on your back with your hips and knees both at 90-degree angles, using your low abs to press your lower back into the mat. Reach your arms overhead, bringing the dumbbells to tap the dumbbells on the floor above your head. Begin to circle the ball to the right, in the largest circles you can make, while maintaining a still and stable torso. Lie on your back holding an exercise ball above your chest, extending your feet up toward the ceiling.
On an exhale, move your arms and legs away from each other, lowering both toward the ground.
Inhale and lift your hips off the ground so your torso is parallel with the floor and your arms are straight. Hold for a complete breath, and then keeping your arms straight, exhale to lower your hips and straighten your legs, so your hips are hovering above the floor.
Do three sets of 12 to 15 reps, flowing from one to the other, pivoting on your hands and heels.

Draw your navel toward your spine and press your low spine into the floor to protect your lower back, then lift both legs up so they are almost pointing straight up toward the ceiling. Holding the band securely, scissor your legs up and down one at a time, starting with the left leg.
To make this move more difficult, lower your legs so they are about six to 10 inches above the floor.
Planks are great for working the abs, and the elbow plank is harder on the abs than the traditional plank in push-up position. Push off the floor, raising up off your knees onto your toes and resting mainly on your elbows.
This exercise works the entire abdominal wall and give the quads an active stretch to boot!
The name may make you laugh, but this stability exercise fires up the core, working both the front and back of the body. Lie on your back with a neutral spine and your hips and knees at right angles with your palms pressed into your thighs just above your knees.
Pull your abs to your spine keeping your ribs and pelvis still as you lengthen your right arm and leg out until they are almost parallel to the floor. KNEE HUGS: Lying flat, lift your feet slightly up off the floor and place arms over your head. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Inhale to bring them back toward each other, and transfer the ball from your hands to your legs. Your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders and your ankles underneath your knees, so make small adjustments if you need to. Aim for 20-30 seconds in the beginning and work your way up to one minute, as you get stronger.

If this hurts your knees, fold up a mat or towel and kneel on that for a little cushioning. Walk the ball out so your back is straight and your hips are in the same line as your ankles.
You can either bring your arms out to the side, or lay them down by your side – whatever is more comfortable for you. Bend one knee into your chest and lift your shoulders off the ground to bring your opposite side elbow to touch your knee. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). If you're bored with your sit-up routine, here are 25 fun and effective moves to mix up your workout and tone your midsection! Bend your elbows using your forearms to support your body while keeping your back and legs straight. Bend your knees into your chest as you swing your arms over your head and bring your hands to your ankles. Lower your leg, bend your opposite knee and lift the opposite shoulder to bring elbow to the knee. Drop your legs to one side (using your obliques to perform the movement) as far down as you can, then return them back to starting position and drop them down to the opposite side. Lower your hips to the ground, still using your elbow to support your weight and raise your hips as high into the air as you can.

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