Laser Dermatologists specialise in the treatment of acne scars and we are at the forefront of technology. Fracionated laser treatment (ProFractional, Fraxel, CO2 RE) is the latest laser for acne scarring.
The Acne Specialist Clinic at Westside laser Dermatology has several fractional devices for acne scarring. Non laser, RadioFrequency Fractional treatment- Great for all skin types, good for early scarring. Fraxel is an excellent all round laser than can treat nearly all forms of acne scars including atrophic, box car, and rolling scars, in all skin types. Specialists at Westside Laser Dermatology will always advise you as to what type of laser is best for your acne scars.
The number of acne laser scar treatments will vary between patients depending on the depth and types of scars. The choice of which laser we elect to use will depend on your skin type, scar severity and downtime. Note that RF treatments are best for early mild acne scars, in patients who have little downtime to spare.
Acne scar treatment is a highly individualized treatment, and at the Acne Specialist Clinic we never approach scar removal with a ‘cookbook approach’. Rest assured, the experience, training and equipment used at the Acne Specialist Clinic will ensure the best possible outcomes for all our patients.

For an unbiased opinion on who provides the best service for acne and acne scar treatments, consult with your General Practitioner. Traditionally, fractional lasers have provided a safe and effective means of treating acne scarring in all skin types.
For results the CO2RE fractional laser is the ‘big gun’ in acne scar revision, however it has a longer downtime compared to erbium Scition Profractional laser. Fractional lasers are not the be all to end all for acne scar revision – I often combine techniques such as subscision, TCA chemical peels and Full resurfacing for best patient outcomes. Diagnosis: Moderate to severe mixed scars, including hypertrophic scars, box and rolling scars. Our collection of fractional lasers ensures that you will have the absolute best treatment for your acne scars. Two other factors play an important role in the assessment of acne scars- skin type (skin colour) as well as downtime. Acne scar specialist train as doctors, then undergo additional training as Skin Specialist (Dermatologists), they undertake subspecialist training is scar revision techniques and laser surgery. Fractional Laser treatments such as Fraxel, Erbium or CO2- Fraxel is a better treatment for more severe scarring. Our Specialist will assess your acne scars and provide solutions based upon individual assessment. Our doctors are Specialist Dermatologists, trained in all methods of acne scar removal, including laser, peels, and surgical methods.

This patient had FRACTIONAL RESURFACING before seeing me- hence the grid like patterns on top on acne scarring.
Downtime or recovery time will depend on several factors including the extent and depth of laser treatment as well as the type of laser we use. The use of multiple treatment methods forms the basis of our Synergy Program for acne scar revision. Newer non-laser based subablative RadioFrequency fractional devices are useful for mild to moderate, early scarring.
Once again in darker skin patients with acne scarring the treatment parameters MUST be conservative or post laser skin changes can occur. Fractional radiofrequency is a non-laser method of scar removal, best suited for early, mild to moderate scarring, whilst fractional C02 lasers are best for moderate to severe scarring. Acne scar revision in darker skin patients is best carried out with FRACTIONAL laser resurfacing - Fraxel or Erbium.

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