Melasma, also known as pregnancy mask, is a benign skin disorder of unknown etiology that causes hyperpigmentation (dark) patches, primarily on the face.
Chloasma is a synonymous term sometimes used to describe the occurrence of melasma during pregnancy.
For many patients with Melasma, it can have an emotional and psychological impact affecting one’s self esteem and self confidence thereby affecting personal relationships and careers. Melasma is an increasingly common and embarrassing skin condition that has proven hard to treat.
As the topic of melasma becomes a growing trend, there has also been a growth in treatment options. PrecisionMD Dermaceutic Peel: PrecisionMD is the first company to provide Melasma treatments that clinically work in the United States.
Melasma is a condition of the skin in which small patches of the skin become darker and range in color from brown to gray. Brooke Burke discussed the troubles of dealing with Melasma on the popular TV show, The Doctors, back in 2009.
Hormones, as mentioned above, can play a significant role in the development of skin diseases such as melasma. As mentioned above, one way to treat melasma is by using cosmetic products such as skin lighteners or dark spot correctors. Other options include surgery, regular visits with a dermatologist, and procedures provided by estheticians.
Outside of pregnancy and oral contraceptives, sun exposure is the most common trigger for Melasma. Everyone enjoys spending a day lounging by the pool, but when women truly want to avoid Melasma, keeping these types of activities to a minimum is wise.

When Melasma occurs, there are several methods for minimizing the spots and restoring a healthy tone to your face. Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England is interested in providing tangible results for individuals struggling with skin conditions like Melasma. CEC of New England provides the widest range of advanced cutting edge, aesthetic treatment options. There are many treatment options but they only manage to control the pigmentation to a certain degree. When done properly, they have the best results but at the same time there is a higher chance of worsening the melasma then the other treatment options.
It is a laser treatment that causes microscopic injuries to the deep layers of the skin causing the deep pigment to rise to the surface where it eventually falls off.
As you may know, melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation sparked by the overproduction of melanin due to hormonal fluctuations, often associated with oral contraception and pregnancy (earning the nickname of the “pregnancy mask”). Dermaceutic (the #1 peel in France) is an in-office and at home peel combination that rids Melasma in just 4 weeks. Arielle Kauvar, Illuminase is a new procedure that combines microdermabrasion (a light skin sanding) with low energy YAG laser treatment and a pigment-reducing skin care regimen.
The most sunlight the body is exposed to the more likely the individual will develop melasma or general dark spots caused by increased melanin in the skin.
These spots typically appear after sun exposure or during pregnancy, which is why the condition is often referred to as “pregnancy mask.” Although there are no additional symptoms and it doesn’t cause any medical problems, many women dislike the appearance of Melasma. While extremely high-level sunscreens aren’t necessarily the option, finding a Broad Spectrum 30 or 50 SPF to apply routinely can significantly decrease the possibility of Melasma. Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England relies on the outstanding products from Obagi Medical to treat patients with Melasma.

When the sun or pregnancy hormones start to bring those unwanted brown spots to the surface, trust our team to find the right treatment option to keep your skin glowing.
Melasma is thought to be the stimulation of melanocytes or pigment-producing cells by the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone to produce more melanin pigments when the skin is exposed to sun. It is estimated that approximately six million women and almost one million men in the United States are currently battling melasma. Even celebrities have been open about their struggle with the skin condition – actress Courtney Cox has been a media target for her battle with melasma and TV personality Brooke Burke has appeared on talk shows speaking about her melasma and the effect it has had on her life. Two to three laser treatments are performed one month apart are usually enough to clear greater than 75% of the abnormal skin pigmentation, and the results are maintained with the skin care regimen for as long as twelve months. After years of experience, CEC has moved away from laser treatments for this condition after seeing contradictory results in several cases. Topical agents are a safer option but will take the longest to see a result and often only a slight improvement will be seen.
Cost of laser therapy is a big deterrent in routine use of lasers in all cases of melasma, therefore, its use is still reserved only for resistant, recalcitrant cases. Medical grade skin care products and chemical peels have proven more effective for reducing the effects of Melasma.
In deciding a treatment plan, one always has to consider the risk-benefit ratio with personal lifestyle, goals, expectations, and cost.

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