Below, we will look at the causes of small white spots on the lips, common signs and symptoms of white lip spots and go further to discuss the best treatments and cures for white marks around the mouth and on the lips as well as tips on how to get rid of white marks on the lips.
Cold Sores Cause White Spots: Cold sores are a result of a viral infection and may form white pimple like spots.
Excessive Exposure to Sun: It is common to find that exposure to the sun may cause spots on the lips. Fordyce Causes White Lip Spots: White spots on upper lip and white spots on lower lip may be caused by Fordyce. Lip Cancer: If you have refractory white lip spots, you might be prone to or suffering from malignancy cancer. Infected Acne Heads on Lips: White bumps on the lips can also be caused by acne heads forming around the lips. Look at the white spots on lip pictures in this post to see how the condition manifests itself. Use vitamin E oil on your lips to moisturize it and help your lips to heal from the effects of sunburn. See further treatments and natural home remedies for removing and eliminating white marks on the skin and lips below. Laser treatment for white lip spots is recommended especially if the cause of the spots is Fordyce disease. The treatment of white marks on the lips if caused by cancer will be dependent on the level of spread of the problem.
Essential Oils Remedy: Natural oils are commonly used as home treatments for various skin problems such as brown spots on lips and other parts of the body.

Antifungal Spices Remedy: Another important natural home remedy for white spots on lips or Fordyce is the use of anti-microbial properties. In case you try simple treatments for white spots on lips at home and the problem remains persistent, make a point of seeing your dermatologist or general health practitioner. Burned by the laser to remove the fordyce spots is a medical solution using today’s advanced, highly effective for the treatment of Fordyce spots, besides the pain for the patient, which can lead to scarring after when treatment stopped. In this article, find out the causes of white spots on your lips, how to get rid of the white marks on lips, best treatments and home remedies for white Fordyce spots on the lower and upper lips. It is worth noting that the formation of white marks on the lips could be a symptom of certain viral infections. White marks, especially when they are small, or appear inside lips or inside the lower lip, could indicate a fungal infection or another underlying infection. The blister-like formations on the lips appear as white spots and can disappear with therapy treatment. Ulceration, infections on your lips and bleeding may also be part of the signs of this underlying condition.
In general, you might see some as raised bumps, others as flat patches colored white on your lips and around your mouth, while others may be on the lower lip or even upper lip only. Your doctor will prescribe antiviral drugs if he or she finds out after diagnosis that you are suffering from cold sores that manifest as the white spots around your lips and mouth. The most common dermatological laser treatment for lips is the pulse dye laser, which is almost similar to that of laser stretch mark treatment. Treatments such as radiation and even surgery may be applied to manage the cancer on the lips in case it is the cause.

To make the best home remedy for white marks on lips, mix benzoin, cabreuva and tea tree oil with palamarosa, galbanum and frankincense and apply on your lips daily to remove white spots. For instance, HPV infections can lead to the increased manifestation of white spots and marks on the lips.
When the exposure is too much from intense UV rays, you may end up with white spots on your lips. The spots are normally painless and may not result in any further complications other than cosmetic ones. In fact, white bumps on lips or little raised white spots can be a clear indication of white marks. For instance, if you find out that white age spots are caused by the sun, you can use lipsticks with SPF to protect your lips from forming white marks. This natural remedy will work if you are suffering from vitiligo that shows as white patches on lips. Home remedies and other simple treatments can also be used to treat and get rid of white Fordyce spots on the lips.

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