There is an obvious and natural link between teenagers and acne but adults also have to face the consequences of acne.
There are a number of topical creams found over the counter to treat hormonal acne but they come with side effects. Also known as monk’s pepper and Vitex, chasteberry has been in use as a remedy for inflammation since ancient times.
Active ingredients in chasteberry act against overproduction of hormones associated with hormonal acne. Changes in the level of hormones can lead to sprouting of unsightly acne, known as hormonal acne. One of the trusted herbal remedies to clear up acne induced by changes in the level of hormones is Witch hazel. The anti-bacterial property of this herb controls the skin inflammation, clears the acne (without leaving a scar) and also facilitates quicker healing process. As the application of the acne fighting herb does not affect the pH of the skin, its regular use soothes the delicate skin tissue.
Chasteberry, commonly called Monk’s pepper can be blindly trusted upon for curing skin related problems, from minor wounds, inflammation or acne induced by disturbance in the level of female hormones. You may either savour its taste in the form of herbal tea or purchase Chasteberry tincture. Another herb by the name of Goldenseal or Orangewood aids in dealing with acne initiated by hormonal imbalance.

You can also mix a teaspoon of goldenseal (in finely powdered form) and a few drops of water or tea tree oil to prepare a homemade goldenseal face mask.
Indigenous to United States Of America, purple cone flower or Echinacea offers substantial help in resolving recurrent hormonal acne.
It is believed that tea tree oil is a powerful herb that is capable of treating many types of infections, especially skin warts and hormonal acne.
Other than that, its regular use prevents inflammation associated with acne and detoxifies the body (courtesy, the presence of amino acids like methionine).
Adults are often afflicted with hormonal acne – better known as adult acne – which is caused by hormonal imbalance. Such hormonal acne either take up the shape of pus filled acne (called pustules), blackheads and sometimes, papules too. Plus, the natural presence of tannic acid cuts down the mild swelling associated with acne as well as shrinks the size of the pore. In short, Chasteberry is one of the few herbs which have the inherent ability to restore hormonal balance. Other than that, Vitex agnus castus has more than sufficient amount of linoleic fatty acid, which plays a significant role in regulating sebum (the cause of acne formation). The bacteria fighting potency and skin regenerating power of lavender brings positive skin results (sans acne scars) in only two weeks.
As echinacea has properties and mode of action similar to that of an antibiotic, it should not be taken for long durations.

If you are currently dealing with an acne attack, try Aloe Vera for it can fight bacterial as well as fungal infections. Additional benefit derived from topical application of this juice is that it minimizes post acne scars. Erratic eating habits and lifestyle factors contribute to these hormonal imbalances resulting in hormonal acne. The surge in hormonal secretion (mainly androgen) favors excessive oil release from the sebaceous glands.
Simply dab a cotton pellet in witch hazel extract and smear over and around the acne inflicted skin area. Add a few drops (5-10) of lavender oil to a small sized bottle spray and mist your skin with this scented herbal water for a toxin and acne free skin.
In order to derive maximum skin benefits, apply tea tree oil soaked a cotton ball over the acne.

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