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This 10x10 yardmaster metal shed has a green paint finish and holds a 12 year cladding guarantee. Along with many other Yardmaster models, this GEYZ has hot-dipped galvanized steel cladding which is painted inside and out, there is a 12 year guarantee against rust penetration on this feature.This particular 10x8 metal shed model, now includes a zinc finish to the doors, gables and roof, however the GEYZ is the ONLY Yardmaster building offering a dark green painted wall cladding.
This shed features a sliding double lockable door – it accepts a padlock too (however this is not supplied) The Balmoral wood grain metal garden sheds from Yardmaster.

In common with other Yardmaster models the Balmoral has hot dipped galvanised steel cladding to the walls and roof, with the wall cladding gaining an attractive external wood-effect to the steel shiplap profile. These metal garden sheds come with a 10-year manufacturer's anti-rust perforation guarantee.The Yardmaster Balmoral is supplied without a floor, as by design fixing down to a solid surface (concrete or paving) is required.

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