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Now I need to find the reviews in Workbench Magazine, Soldier of Fortune Magazine and Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly. As some of you have figured out by now and as I have revealed that this classic traditional French style workbench fit in a medium flat rate shipping box, is a one twelfth scale, 1 inch equals 1 foot model.  I have built a Nicholson bench of this style in the scale model cabinet shop, so this is number 2. This one is available for download but I didn't feel like printing and taping and thought the $3 additional was a good tradeoff for NOT doing that.
To be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this shapeless shift style (V8805) working for me.

But I've got to cut out the lining for that because this dress is WARM and HEAVY, neither of which are things you want for a Florida summer dress.
I may still have some pictures to hang, but I'm so tired of the boxes that I'm willing to spend "vacation" dealing with them once and for all.
And by "little," I mean a lot, and not that you don't need a brain for this, just that sewing straight lines can be hypnotic and relaxing. Since STBExH made it, who knows how it's really put together, and I already know for sure he painted over the screws.

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