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A uniform appearance is essential from batch to batch, especially in woodworking applications where a variety of similar components may be assembled to produce a finished product. This is the most common type of woodworking spray booth found among small shops and individual craftsmen as it fits easily into the corner of just about any garage, back room, or production facility.
Substantially larger than their open face cousins, the enclosed variety requires a little more forethought when it comes to your woodworking shop plans.

For woodworking finishing that includes stains, sealers, and fillers, as well as topcoats like nitrocellulose or catalyzed lacquer, the main choice centers on speed and productivity requirements.
Depending on the type you select, light industrial booths for woodworking usually feature either a cross flow or semi-downdraft airflow design, as these two methods have been shown to consistently deliver results that are free from flaws, dust, and other airborne particles - making them ideal for woodworking finishing. So for small woodworking projects the ideal model is one that offers at least 6 feet in width with a bench that's positioned between 3 feet to 4 feet for optimal comfort.

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