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Hock Krenov-Style Plane Blades with Chip Breakers  Shorter than traditional blade assemblies, these are specially designed for the low-slung wooden planes popularized by James Krenov.
The three widths of straight blade allow construction of a full range of bench planes, while the curved blade (approx.
Plane Blades for the Veritas® Router and Hinge Mortise Planes Our high-carbon steel router plane blades fit our Veritas Router Plane and our Veritas Hinge Mortise Plane, as well as Stanley #71 router planes (with the height-adjustment nut inverted).
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The leading edge of the cap iron is machined with a relief angle to ensure it always contacts the face of the blade, so no gap can form.

This Stanley block plane is fully adjustable, including the nose piece (for throat control in difficult woods). End grain cutting boards – woodworkerszone woodwiki End grain cutting boards woodworking forum focused on making the beginner a better woodworker.
Free woodworking videos routers, bandsaws, tablesaws, Watch free instructional videos on woodworking topics including joinery, furniture projects, techniques, milling lumber, furniture design, and more..
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48.50 This site presents results of tests that equate the properties of dissimilar types of steel ill-used to make blades for woodworking planes.
Pinnacle permutation plane blades for Sir Henry Morton plane blades Stanley immortalize quaternity and 5 Handplane.
Stanley or Lie Carl Nielsen Replacement Blades Lie Nielsen Chipbreakers narrowing Molding airplane Iron Blanks.

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