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There is a wide variety of dovetail router bits that can create variying sizes of the mortise and tenons needed to create strong dovetail joints.  You can find great deals on quality dovetail bits for your Incra or Leigh machines. Miter Joints and Rabbet joints are often combined to create a corner lock joint for drawers and box corners.  You can find qualilty Rabbeting router bits, Miter Lock Router bits and even Corner Lock Router Bits (also called drawer lock router bits) that will help make creating these joints easy.
The box joint, also called a finger joint, connects two boards at the corners.  It is very strong and is often utilized in boxes, such as blanket chests and jewelery boxes, because of its decorative look.

The dovetail is one of the strongest, most beautiful, and most complex joinery techniques that woodworkers employ.  It is commonly used to attach drawer fronts to the drawer box, but can also be used to to join any two pieces of wood at the edges, such as a chest or jewelry box. Rabbet and dado joints are simple joints that create an incredibly strong bond by inserting one piece of wood into a groove or channel in another piece of wood.  This joint is the backbone of cabinet box and bookcase construction.

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