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In addition to supporting the coffee table, the legs act as stiles with grooves, supporting the side rail tenons. Before the first stage of assembly, you need to saw grooves in the two top side rails to accept the tabletop clamps.
I assembled my web frames using #20 biscuits for all joints, except the top frame, which is attached to the short uprights using screws for strength; this is be­cause when you lift the coffee table, you would normally lift it by holding the top.
When the tabletop is ready, turn it upside down with an old blanket between it and your bench to protect that smooth, sanded finish.
With the help of a friend, lower the carcass upside down on top of the tabletop, then fine-tune the positioning. When the finish is dry, reattach the hardware and move your new coffee table to its place of honour. In­sert the rail tenons in one leg, slide the panel in place and cap it with the other leg.

Also, before web frame assembly, cut saw grooves in the perimeter of all upper frame components to accept metal tabletop clamps you’ll install later. I used half-blind dovetail joints to attach the sides to the fronts, with the backs and bottoms held in dado slots (see plans for details). If your quartersawn wood is rough (and most comes this way), you’ll need to take a light pass with a thickness planer or hand plane to get a good sense of the grain on each board. Further prepare your stock by jointing and planing it; use the same machine settings for all components to ensure consistent thickness.
Check for square across the entire piece to ensure the drawer frame can drop into place easily. Be sure to use a drill stop to make sure you don’t drill right through the tabletop as you work.
With all four legs in hand, use a planer on the exact same settings for each to bring them to the thickness listed.

File and sand small chamfers onto the bottoms of the legs to prevent splintering if the table is ever dragged across the floor.
This gives a pleasing visual effect while also making it much easier to plane the tabletop smooth.
As you work, keep your best boards for the tabletop since it will be the most visible part of the project.

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