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One of the prettiest canoe yawls in that size range is George Holmes' original Eel from 1896 (the original is still sailing btw). Some of them that have akas and amas can be comfy at sea, but then you need a contraption like a board or deck plates to sit out of the coaming when it heaves too much. Two masted yawl rig is superior for a couple of reasons: one is the substantial safety and comfort that a mizzen sheeted in tight holding the boat hove to head to windward provides when reefing or handling sails in a tiny little boat, and the other is that the balance of the mizzen aft lets you get that fores'l forward and out of your face when tacking and gybing. If none of these describes you, then put the outboard on the transom; as you say, it'll be a bit more efficient and there'll be just that much more planing surface.
The Boat does not need MORE planing area, it needs better planing area.Clean, fair and sharp.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I contacted Steve Redmond and he was very helpful, even selling me a set of plans at a reduced price to help with my rebuild.
The yawl is a handy rig and gives a lot of options with regard to manouverability, reefing etc plus there is no better setup for lying head to wind than leaving the mizzen up especially in a blow.

In the short while since the launch of The Mighty Pippin, I've had moments on a strong ebb tide where the wind has been wasn't blowing hard enough to get her up on the plane, when a Mirror can have excellent windward ability.
Fisher is an example I am familiar with, and, he routinely does modify his stock plans to suit a preferred method of building, minor modification, etc. Some boats aren't designed to have the weight of an outboard hung off the transom in the first place, weighing the transom into the water, causing a drag. 4 HP and already owning a Caledonia Yawl for larger crews, he went along with my plan for an inset motor well. I'll also play around with the idea of enlarging her by three or four feet as Ed and Peter have suggested. People buy the plans, build the boats because they like the look and actually, performance, as well. Also the transom might not have been built strong enough in the first place to mount such a weight and the connection to the planking might not be strong enough for the thrust. But its the wonderful combination of form stability, hull shape and sail plan that makes it very seaworthy design, actually the boat was designed with club racing in mind.

But what Im finding is a bunch of fairly expensive woodies that need refinishing as bad as my other boat. There's quite a history to the design of this boat and John's final design was influenced by some very experienced local small boat designers and builders as NZ has a long history of producing fast planing dinghys and the body of knowledge is broad.
So If anybody has plans, pictures or any information on where to research more about canoe yawls I would be very appreciative! It had cedar planking over marine plywood bulkeads, which were framed in with mahogany, on top of a marine plywood bottom.

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