Wooden wheels,10 x 8 metal storage shed,extra long twin over twin bunk beds - Plans On 2016

Photos: Jan GunnewegThere's a lot of wooden bikes out there, ranging from the glue-it-yourself, no-metal kind, to award-winning, high-end designer bikes. Item# 911957These wooden toy wheels are made from birch hardwood and are ready to be painted or stained for your next toy project. But this near all-wooden bike, handmade by Dutch industrial designer Jan Gunneweg, must be one of the most beautiful wooden specimens we've seen to date.Made out of solid walnut and weighing under 35 pounds, the bike's unique cachet is all in the wheels, which each sport a thick wooden spoke.

You can use these wheels to make toy wagons, model cars, trains, or any other keepsake toy. Plus, the nature of wood and bamboo lends more easily to the do-it-yourself ethic, which may explain the recent explosion of handmade bamboo bicycles in places like Brooklyn, and even far off locales like Ghana, Africa.Gunneweg, whose obsession is wood, has previously designed two wooden bikes before this version, and says that this latest model delivers a smoother ride.

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