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This large shed is perfect for storing general garden items and because of its large dimensions it can also be used as a workshop. The roof of this shed is made from 8mm solid sheet which protects this shed from weather and makes it more stable. The floor is made from 10mm solid sheet board for a stable base to store large garden items. The 28mm x 28mm internal framework provides a strong skeleton for the 8mm overlap cladding to be attached to.This shed does not have any windows which is great for keeping storage items secure and safe.

Without windows potential burglars are unable to see what is in the shed and because there are no windows the walls are made from solid panels. The door on this shed is braced for extra strength and features a butterfly catch so you can secure it close. This building has an apex roof which gives this shed good head room and extra storage space. The roof of this shed comes with high quality, mineral roofing felt for an attractive and professional finish.

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