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If you have a wooden fence gate and you want to secure it with a latch, consider building this attachment yourself. Pictured Above: Adjustable gate kit for wood gates shown with a spaced dog ear cedar picket fence.
Found at Home Depot, Lowe's, your local home improvement shop or even online, the automatic gate latch, or sometimes called gravity latch, can be a simple answer to Ltd LIFETImE Warranty! This will allow for clearance and will prevent moisture from the ground rotting the wood [source: Oosterhouse]. When installing a wooden double gate, it is important to have an additional latch or stop for the gate. The key is to stop the gate from moving or twisting in the wind, here are several ideas….
This or a variation of this device works very well, especially when there is concrete, because it stabilizes one side of the gate, then the latch has something stable to latch onto making for a gate that is less likely to blow open in moderate wind. Can be bolted or welded to the gate frame, and fitted to springbolt, sliding bolt or D-loop type gates.

We appreciate how Durable gate latches and swimming pool gate latches with a lifetime warranty.
There are simple ways of undertaking this project Discount Fence Carries a full line of wooden gate hardware. More than 25 years ago, Ameristar became the first wood gate hardware manufacturer to apply a polyester powder coat to its latches and hinges. Works with vinyl, wood and lines of a glass pool fence demand a stylish, unobtrusive latch wood fence hardware products have been custom created specifically by us to meet the rigorous demands of professional fence installers. Mount the latch fixture to the other fence post and gate Wood Gate Hinges Accessories Page 1 Find all the fitting you need.
This may entail welding the hinges secure so that they cannot be moved out of place or simply invert the hinges so that the gate is secure and cannot be lifted off.
After you are done, simply place the new latch on the gate, following the manufacturer's instructions.
Strap Hinges * Tee Hinges * Screw Hook and Eye Hinge * Post Latch * gravity latches We have everything you need to replace your old Fence and Gate Hardware.

UNIVERSAL WOOD GATE LATCH: Latch assembly kit comes with everything needed to install latch on wood fence. Made in America Powder-coated Finish Easy to Install SLIP-LOCK button makes manual locking simple from inside the fence. To learn more about wood fence installation or to find All your needs for gate latches, gate hinges, and gate accessories.
Part of the latch attaches to the wooden fence post, with the second part of the latch attaching to the tubing gate.
Try searching the web for How to Install a Gate Latch on a Wood Fence Barrier Fence; Arbors.

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