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Both tree stand plans allow you to build a strong & comfortable stand to stopping by and hope you enjoy our products. Hunting deer means spending long hours in the cold as you wait for a deer to wander into your gun sight. Learn how to build your own deer stands, deer blinds, tree stands, climbing stands, and more with these do it yourself deer stand plans. On a side note it took an atv with someone sitting on the front and winch to get it standing up. I used 16 foot 4*4 and concreted them 2 foot in the ground so the stand was at 14 foot the platform was 4 foot by 4 foot. I would price the lumber, bolts, washers, lumber ties, etc and then compare that to just buying a 2 man stand.

I know the're not the safest thing but i am looking to build some homemade deer stands. If you're wanting to assemble it in the woods, I'd reccomend putting a 2x4 at the bottom and then stacked 1x2's in the middle and the top.
Built it on ground with just the platform and used atv to winch up came back week after concrete dried and put on roof and sides. It was built by students within the Department of Agriculture at Texas State University for the cost of materials. It was all built with free wood scrounged from Craigslist--and it is ugly, but it gets the job done. I live in Southeast Texas & I was wondering if I could get you to email me these plans you put together.

I am just following this guys plans:He even has Youtube videos posted that walk you through it. All responsibly of Use of this tree-stand and building of this stand, Remain with the person building the tree-stand.
Making your own deer stand takes some Building a Homemade Deer Stand recommended that you find a deer stand plan and work off of that.
Up the ladder in 2 places I through bolted braces to the ladder and lagged into the tree, at the top it is 2x12s going from the ladder(through bolted) to the tree (lag bolted) and deck built on top 60"wide by 48 " deep.

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