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That would work – but I need to keep mine below $5000, so your plan is about $20,000 over my budget. Yep , Im your age and in decent shape with my knees ( knock on wood ) they are just a real pain in the ass to live in . Right clicking on the plans only shows them at the same indecipherable size they are shown in the article.

If you’ve ever wanted to build a small cabin these are a great set of free small cabin plans. 30 years on concrete floors and my knees agree single story only.Im only 47 but loading docks and wharehouses have made stairs unfriendly my boss tells me wait 10 years and i will feal like he does climing up to the offices. Me, I’d go with a decent bathroom, bedroom and small cooking area, maybe around a wood stove.

I’m out of my element here but would think that it could be converted to burning alcohol in place of kerosene .

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