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FRAMED CLAY KETE Spiritual KnowledgeFRAMED WOODEN CARVINGS HEI MATAU A stylised form of the Maori fish hook associatied with the Maori legend that represents good luck and bounty.
New England Wood Carvers April MeetingKen Campbell: On hand, with samples of his fish carvings, offering instruction, ideas and knowledge of fish carving techniques He crafted a small wooden mailbox with a special note he wrote about NEWC that he tucked inside. Walking Sticks And Other carvings – YouTubeSome walking sticks and other carvings I have done.

Oxburgh Hall Garden WalkHall, looking for wooden carvings representing animals, birds, insects, and fish that can be found here. PRAIRIE CANADA CARVING CHAMPIONSHIP 2010Standing shorebirds must be mounted singly on a wooden dowel or metal rod or wire legs.
It is 60 centimeter long and two the carving fish, modeled on a wooden fish, which was made in 1333, Yuan Dynasty.

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