Wooden beach lounge chair plans,varnish painted wood furniture,garden sheds online melbourne - PDF 2016

Build this very comfortable and attractive sling deck chair or beach chair that can be made using just a few tools.
Build a very comfortable and attractive sling type deck chair that can be made using just a few tools. Most any kind of wood will work, but if open grained wood, such as oak or chestnut, is used, the parts should be filled with a paste filler.

If the natural color of the wood is not desired, the wood may first be stained, the filler being colored somewhat darker than the stain.
The semicircular notches are made by placing the two pieces edge to edge in the vise and placing the spur of the bit in the crack. Washers should be placed between adjacent pieces of wood fastened together with bolts and also at both ends of the bolts.

While the size of the chair may be varied, it will be necessary to keep the proportions if the parts are to fold properly.

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