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As the name implies, plywood is traditionally created by layering thin plies of wood together to form large sheets.
Instead of a core made from thin layers of wood, MDF-core plywood is made using Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) that is covered with thin wood veneers on the faces. A relatively new type of plywood, called composite core, is being produced to combine the best properties of veneer-core and MDF-core versions. Plain Sliced (or flat cut) veneer: Plain Sliced (or flat cut) veneer is the next most common.
Quartersawn veneer: One more type of veneer, called quartersawn, is also made for very specialized applications.

Plywood is less expensive than solid wood, it’s readily available in home centers and lumberyards, and the large sheets make it easy to build big structures.
Those layers are laid up with the wood grain running in alternating directions, as shown in the cutaway photo. Here are a few tips that will help you select the best type of plywood for your next project.
This construction produces sheets that are strong at the core, with flat, stable, and less-expensive layers under the face veneer. This is the least-expensive way to produce the veneer, and it can be laid onto the plywood core layers in one big sheet, so this type of plywood is usually the least expensive, as well.

You may even have to examine the plywood sheet closely to tell where the individual veneer slices begin and end. In any case, quartersawn plywood will almost always be a special-order item from a woodworking store or specialty lumber dealer.
Also, expect to pay more of a premium price for rift-sawn because the veneer-making process is more involved and creates more waste.

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