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Not an easy one, but again, i think with a clean, preferrably disposable wooden pallet you’re totally OK. The real positive effect on ecology seems to me the furniture that does not need to be produced. In the pallet sofa i installed, for example, old shelves and bed parts as backrests, all is painted with the rest of the wall colour we used before moving in our actual home. Locate NWPCA member companies that manufacture, recycle or provide equipment and supplies to the wood packaging industry. Consumers must be made aware of the serious dangers presented by wood pallets, particularly when reusing wood pallets to make children’s toys.

Goeman’s Wood Products uses heat treating to meet standards on crating, packaging and export shipping.
Greenupgrader even warns against HT stamped pallets, saying that this can also mean treatment with chemicals (what i think is plain wrong). Now, since we work from now on with unsoiled and non-harmful pallets, after having them cleaned and grinded, I daresay we’re less at a problem as with many industrially produced furniture made of chipboard and glued plastic wood imitation. DIY pallet furniture is definitely more resource-efficient than the production of a corresponding piece of furniture of the similar price range by industrial production. OTOH, according to rootsimple even methylbromide is effectively no problem, for no residue should remain on a pallet after proper areating.

Again, I prefer disposable pallets anyway, those are usually used only once and therefore more likely to remain clean.

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