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Our wood fired or propane heated hot tub heating systems are a very economical way to enjoy your Northern Lights Cedar Tub. Lake water can be heated to operating temperatures in as little as 1-4 hours depending on the starting temperature and size (volume) of tub. This Chofu model is a precision built wood-burning water heater designed specifically for hot tubs.
It circulates water using the principal of thermosiphon (the pumping action created by rising hot water), eliminating the need for a circulating pump or electricity.

And since the firebox is also made of stainless steel, it will withstand years of service without danger of burning-out. The stainless steel stove body surrounding the firebox is a double-walled water-jacket with a 1-inch space between, making the entire firebox (except the front) a heat-transferring surface. Additional heat transfer takes place in a water-filled baffle plate that runs horizontally through the firebox. The baffle deflects the path of the fire, so it gives up more heat into the water jacket before going up the chimney.

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