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This is the process I used to create the aged wood look of my reclaimed wood moose head and extra large pallet and burlap frame.
Our false beams and faux wood products are available finished in a variety of real-wood colors; all intricately detailed to perfectly mimic the look and hue of authentic cedar, oak, walnut and other natural woods. We have great guides to painting and finishing your faux wood beams here, plus blog posts that cover cool tips and tricks like staining knots on your false beams. Drybrushing is particularly effective when you’re painting or finishing with lighter colors, as it highlights rather than adds depth.
If you’ve tried this drybrushing technique, and have photos to share, we’d love to see them! Custom Red Oak with an exclusive Rehmeyer Process that includes a special heat treatment and a custom finish with hand rubbed tung oil. Just one of the exotic woods we’ve used upon request, Ofram is a sustainable African hardwood that has a fairly straight grain pattern and features natural worm holes and other small character marks.
Reclaimed (Antique) Wide Plank Heart Pine flooring featuring a custom dark stain that highlights the natural grain of this sought after wood by using customized sanding techniques and finished with Tung Oil. Random-width Ash floor with a "French Country" finish that resembles a gently worn painted floor. Faux finishing is the art of using painting methods to give an artificial appearance to look like a material such as metal or wood, or to give an architectural style aesthetic to your walls. You will immediately notice that the brush leaves paint on only the raised surfaces; giving you a stunning, highlight finish characteristic of drybrushing. Too overcoats the wood for two or three coating gives the final finishing touch for the wood.. This unique process not only adds beauty to the wood, but also significantly inhibits insect damage and rotting.

If you have been trying to add some charm or distinction to your bare walls, take a look at these 10 creative faux finish ideas to get you started!1. If your wood is brand new take both sides of a hammer to it as well as other garage tools to create dents and gouges. Get inspired by your most loved fabrics and materialsWhether you love the rough appeal of burlap and seagrass or the ultra smoothness of leather and suede, there are many painting techniques to transform your wall.
Denim and canvas techniques bring a casual appeal to your interiorsDepending on how informal your home is – you may prefer a faux finish with a slight pattern, but not too much to be overwhelming. This small patterned finish can be achieved with a small brush and dragging it vertically and horizontally through the paint for a small crisscross pattern, similar to casual denim.3. Using your ceiling to add gorgeous faux finishesYour ceiling or 5th wall as it is referred to by designers is one of the best places to apply faux finish techniques. When choosing the technique that best fits your decor remember for do it yourself painting to use scaffolding or other safety equipment when applying paint.Collect this ideaCeilings are the perfect 5th wall to apply faux finishing to4. Look to a faux finishing technique called marbleizing which helps create the variegated look of veins in marble and beauty of the varied colors with just a paint brush and the right paint. Try faux finish techniques from distressing, graining, and layering or sponging on a variety of colors to add depth and to age your walls. This technique is perfect for interiors that want to bring a Tuscan or aged “patina” look to their interiors. This technique is common on ceilings in dining rooms and master bedrooms.Collect this ideaCreate an old world interior to your modern home6.
Leather and suede faux finishing can add ultra luxe to your wallsIf you’re looking for a finish that looks gorgeous and almost looks touchable, suede and leather faux finishing is the way to go. Ralph Lauren, Sherwin Williams and several other paint manufacturers have suede technique that walks you step by step through how to achieve the rich authentic character of suede to your walls.7.

Today, drywall is the finish of choice for most interiors, but if you love the rustic appeal of plaster try using a special primer paint and plaster faux finish sold at most paint stores.
Perfect for light switch and electrical plates too!Collect this ideaUse plaster faux finish techniques for this gorgeous rustic look8.
Bring the outdoors inside with faux finishingAnother gorgeous way to use faux finishes is to mimic the outdoor qualities of trees, bark, rocks, and even brick with creative concretes, plasters and veneer systems that are then painted. Outdoor ideas for using faux finishesWe often forget about our outdoor home when painting except for the overall appearance of our house exterior color. Entertaining spaces like your patio, deck and terrace areas are perfect for adding faux finish techniques. Look to your favorite paint store for tons of faux finish techniquesThe beauty of faux finishing is that there are plenty of new options to try and you don’t have to get married to only one! Visit your local paint or home improvement store where many hold painting technique workshops so you can learn how to do it yourself. Whether you are looking for a surface that resembles fabric, rock, plaster, brick or more – all of the power is within your reach and a can of paint!Freshome readers we’d love to know what your favorite faux finish techniques are for your home.
I have been remodeling my house because it was bought in a little rough shape, and these finishes might be the things I’m looking for!

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