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About thirty years ago, Woodsmith Magazine published a drawing for an ingenious dowel-making system in their reader's tips column. Hole size for the infeed block can be determined as follows: The smallest possible section for a dowel blank would be a square whose sides match the dowel's diameter. So I removed one side of the jig and clamped the rest of the jig to the leg with a bar clamp. The small wooden blocks are drilled to align with the dowel as it exits the cutter to keep it from flopping about, causing a poor cut. The wood can be turned by hand or a wrench or, as in this case, it can be driven by a drill motor chucked with a square socket (not pictured).

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Edit to add: one of my readers correctly pointed out that this jig is fashioned after the one introduced by Rob Cosman some time ago. A few days ago I attended the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event hosted by the Kansas City Woodworkers Guild. Note 1: Someone asked me a few minutes after I bought the jig whether this means I will stop using the F3 finger joint template on the D4R. Leigh Industries introduces this new jig, designed specifically for use on the router table.

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Trim it down a tiny bit at a time until it just fits — snug but not too tight, so the blank can rotate freely with no loose play. It's a shop-made wooden arm with coaxial guide blocks, mounted on the base of an upside-down router (in a router table, perhaps).

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