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We have been building wood, composite and solid PVC decks and screened porches here in Lancaster County, PA since 1999. Composite or synthetic decking is a lumber alternative that combines plastic and wood fiber.
Plastic lumber (PVC), including products made by Azek, is a 100% recyclable decking option made from recycled plastics.
Deck manufacturers love to use decks with curves in them (ie, a radius) in their advertisements because they look so damn cool. First off, decks designed with radii (plural of radius) require a lot more foundation work (ie, footings) and a lot more rough framing work compared to an angular deck. You might be able to take the risk out of the equation for the deck builder by offering to pay time and materials on a complex project. With over 12 years experience I can tell you the decision most families struggle with is what kind of decking material to we choose for their new deck. The other types of materials used for the surface are most likely either not strong enough or too expensive (or both) to serve as the frame for your deck.
It is more environmentally friendly than wood, and the popularity of composite brands, such as Trex, has exploded over the past decade in residential deck building.
They literally become showcase decks for the client and the deck builder (and sometimes the manufacturer). This equates to more labor and materials and slows down the deck’s construction considerably.

You should just be aware that introducing curves into your deck project will add a significant cost.
His expertise has been recognized by key manufacturers in the deck industry who call on him to develop, refine and evaluate new deck related products.
I agree with 99% of your analysis except the part about composite decks being prone to sagging.
The only hitch is that radius decks are much more complex to design and build than a normal, angular deck.
I don’t care if you hire Norm Abram himself to build a radius deck, believe you me, there is going to be a lot of head scratching and figuring going during the layout and framing process. With this number in hand, the deck builder must build, or most likely order, custom railings to match the radius.
Otherwise, most deck contractors, myself included, will charge a very hefty premium due to all of the risk they assume by building a radius deck. That being said, if you pony up the money to build a radius deck, it’s safe to say that you will probably have the coolest deck in your town. He's a regular contributor to Professional Deck Builder, The Journal of Light Construction, and Tools of the Trade magazines. I want to know if they specifically WANT A CURVED DECK, or rather are looking for some character, and having seen a picture of a curved deck- they recognize that a curve is character. Whereas an angular deck could be framed in three days, a similar radius deck might take five or six and could require double the materials with lots of waste.

Just like how a car company always puts the fully optioned car in their ads with the big shiny 18″ wheels that cost extra, deck manufacturers do the same thing in their ads. Synthetic deck and trim boards must be heated in order for it to bend (wood presents its own issues we won’t get into) to follow the curves of the framing. These railings are much more costly than a similar straight railing, they are more difficult to install, and because the deck contractor only gets one crack at making the cuts on site, the pucker factor is 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.
It’s not uncommon for a deck builder to ruin many expensive boards just to get one that is just right. Use the following suggestions to help with the planning process:Step 1Determine where you want the deck.
Continue this process until all the joists are in place.Step 4When you begin laying the decking, it's a good idea to lay a couple of pieces of plywood on top of the deck about 2 feet from the wall. The plywood gives you a good working platform until there's enough decking from which to work.Step 5Lay the decking so it runs across the joists and parallel to the house.

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