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Yes, we know that a digital clock made of wood makes about as much sense as a granite laptop, but this particularly stylish block of timber is one of the most eye-catching and unique timepieces we've ever seen. But that's not because the groundbreaking Wooden Clock is made of a simple slab of wood; it's because the glowing digital numerals appear as if by magic on its smooth surface; there's no smoked-perspex panel or discernable display to be seen! Indeed, until the numbers illuminate, the Wooden Clock looks exactly like a regular block of wood - albeit a smooth, sanded, slightly Swedish-looking one.

Best of all the Wooden Clock is the perfect antidote to all those novelty clocks favoured by 'I'm mad, I am' geeks, because it's different without being dorky. So if you're the kind of person who likes to be on time but would rather not sully your surfaces with a cumbersome clock, the supremely unobtrusive Wooden Clock is most definitely for you. All we know is that digital numbers look seriously cool glowing against a natural-looking wooden background.

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