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Carving AntlerI look at antler carving as similar to found wood carving, where I try to use the particular natural characteristics such as form or contour to lead I can wrap the billet portion of the antler for protection and use the flexibility of the vise to give me position with strength. Carved For AttentionThe vise will allow the piece to turn in any direction and hold it firmly in place while you use power carving tools. Wood Carving WorkshopOther tools include tools to hold the workpiece securely (clamps, vise, etc), oilstone and strop (for sharpening), mallet (to drive the chisels if For carving, preference should be given to wood carving and secondly to other forms of decoration, such as stone carving. Carving WoodIsn’t held in a vise or clamped to a table, have the child use a lapboard.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Chainsaw Carving Championship-You may add pieces to your carving, but only from wood that was cut from your original log. Le Scrapers Sharp.Flexcut has used this same idea to its advantage for wood carving and general woodworking.
This kind of carving is being done with a double-edged chisel and cutting off the thin, long pieces of wood by special blade. Some of the best carvers in the world are sharing vise on the best practices ated his first wood carving.

This device is used for shaving thin amounts of wood away from the stock, and is invaluable for cleaning up edges during assembly.

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