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I've gotten to the point where sometimes I can load up the stove up before bed and have the house still be quite comfortable in the morning.
As you can see, this stove has a glass door, which helps a lot in determining when to add wood and knowing how hot the stove is burning. Since my house is so airtight, I added an outside air kit which brings fresh air directly from outside the house into the stove through a flexible metal duct. This does cause the stove to burn a little hotter I think, so I had a damper put in the stovepipe just above the stove.

I've only had the stove going a couple of times since I got the new damper and it looks like that will make it easier to keep a good slow burn going at night. The step-down part of the top of the stove is a cooktop, which does get hot enough to boil water (I've tried it) and they say you can also use it for frying and other stove-top cooking.
For most people, it takes quite a bit of time to get used a new wood stove - to learn how much wood to put in, how often to load it, and how to set the dampers. The 18" pieces are easier to get into the stove and easier to handle when stacking, when bringing them inside the house, and when loading the stove.

In very tight houses like mine, an outside air kit is sometimes recommended in order to make it easier to get a fire started in the stove and to lessen the chance of backdrafting.

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