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Ok, so this might be some of the most boring stuff in the world, but it might be of interest to some of you who have very boring lives. I was lucky in that I had done numerous home construction activities with my dad and knew how to use certain tools. Now it was true that there were stores that sold doormats, but mine were “high quality” rubber mats that were personalized with their names on them, such as “Welcome to the Rumplestiltskin’s”. This list includes the names, website links, addresses, and telephone numbers of the principal manufacturers of mechanics' hand tools and tool boxes.
Products Sold: Twist Sockets, Impact Sockets, Torque Sockets & Extensions, Locking Extensions, Impact Locking Extensions, Impact Reducing Extensions, Locking Socket Rails, Indexable Ratchets, Breaker Bars, Indexable Pry Bars, and Automotive Specialty Tools.

Products Sold: Surface Protective Hammers, Fiberglass (NUPLAGLAS) Replacement Handles for Hammers, Shovels, Picks, Sledges and Axes, Fiberglass (NUPLAGLAS) Handled Machinists' Ball Peen Hammers, Fiberglass (NUPLAGLAS) Handled Carpenters' Hammers, Fiberglass (NUPLAGLAS) Handled Sledges, Fiberglass (NUPLAGLAS) Handled Pike Poles, Pry Bars, Certified non-conductive digging tools, Soft-Steel Sledge Hammers, Wood handled striking and digging tools, Automotive specialty hammers. I don’t suggest most 7 year olds be allowed to use a box cutter with a razor blade, but it worked exceptionally well for cutting the string and producing nice clean cuts dividing the wooden slats. We had some old wood blinds on several windows in our basement, which my dad decided to throw away and replace with something more modern. You name it, if a company could have its name printed on it and give it away to lure new customers, I sold it. While calendars at that time could cost from thirteen cents to a half dollar, plastic flyswatters could be had for as little as a five cents complete with company name and all.

I was growing up in what I considered a slightly boring town in upstate NY, and was always sending off for anything that would produce a flow of mail.
I didn’t really think about the fact that wood can burn, and I didn’t have a product liability lawyer at the time.

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