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Wine racks can be in different sizes, small for couple of bottles or for a hundreds of bottles, the size of a wine racks depends of the place where it will stand. Insert the rough ends of two pins into a wine shelf (B) and repeat for the remaining shelves.
Building a Wine Rack from a Wooden PalletFind out how to turn a wooden pallet into a beautiful wine rack for your home. Wooden pallets can be used for a number of DIY woodworking projects, including this wall mounted wine rack for your home. Remove Pallet Slat: Remove a slat from the remaining larger part of the pallet to use as the bottom for the wine rack.
The pallet you use for this wine rack should be the kind with notches cut into bottom side of the framing which allow forklift forks under the side as well. This slat will be the bottom of the rack, so put it in place on the uncut end, and mark it so it can be cut to match.

Drill pilot holes and drive screws through this piece to attach it to the bottom of the rack so that it’s flush on all edges. You can adapt its design and size according to your own needs and wine collection.View in galleryIf all you need is a tiny wine rack which you can keep in your kitchen, then have a look at the design offered on Itsprettynice. Just store and showcase your favorite vintages on this compact rack -- and impress friends with your handiwork.
You can make this one from a wooden cutting board or basically any wood board and six leather straps. From a 1 x 4, cut the shelves (B) and top Shelf (C) to length (Wine Rack Project Diagram, Drawing 1). Usually when you are buying a wine rack, the manufacturer has written for how many bottles it is.
Wine racks can be made by you from material that you have in your home, and in that way you will not only save money, but you will recycle also.
To make a similar one you need a piece of plywood, three dowels, wood glue, four pieces of leather and a drill.

Add the leather straps as seen in the images.View in galleryAnother very easy to make wine rack which you can keep on the kitchen counter requires the use a simple wood board, a few large framing nails, a drill and a hammer.
After you’ve measured the diameter of a few wine bottles and decide where you want to place them on the rack, make marks on the board with a pencil. All you need for this project is three long wood boards and five small ones for the shelves. Cut the plank to size, mark where the holes will be drilled, drill the holes and then sand the wood and either paint or stain it.

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