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Iron Design Company was established to promote modern designs in hand formed iron objects, transforming a bold material into everyday items that are innovative and inviting.
Holding up to a half case, the fluid shape of this wine rack appears to be molded by the wine bottles themselves.
You need three larger ones with holes drilled in them and a bunch of small ones for the back portion which is then attached to the wall.

You can adapt its design and size according to your own needs and wine collection.View in galleryIf all you need is a tiny wine rack which you can keep in your kitchen, then have a look at the design offered on Itsprettynice.
Add the leather straps as seen in the images.View in galleryAnother very easy to make wine rack which you can keep on the kitchen counter requires the use a simple wood board, a few large framing nails, a drill and a hammer. After you’ve measured the diameter of a few wine bottles and decide where you want to place them on the rack, make marks on the board with a pencil.

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