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Remember to orient the cleat such that the angle is going into the wall (so that the vertical supports will hang from it). I like it, though it looks like you could use a lip on the end of the bottom shelf to keep things from sliding off (since the sheet goods have to lean against the wall). Alternatively, instead of a lip on the bottom shelves, you could possibly cut them to angle upward as they project from the wall.
I’ve got plans I found in a book for a similar bin as Jeff posted above, except its sort of A-Frame style with sheets on one side and board bins on the other.

My father is making cedar- strip canoes in his garage, and has long, thin strips of cedar EVERYWHERE.
Your concept of wall mounted storage for lumber is the same concept used in commercial or industrial applications.
I shortened my vertical supports (fourth item below) because I had to work around a garage door. It is hinged to a wall stud so it can’t fall over but swings out on wheels so both sides of the bin can be reached.

I NEED to do some kind of lumber storage in our garage, but sadly I don’t have as much wall space. I like the wall mount because it can hold longer pieces but I also like the portability of a cart.

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