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Mister Kitchen Worktop Fitter has been installing solid wood kitchen worktops for many years.
After installation our fitters can oil or varnish your wooden worktop to ensure it has the best possible protection with year’s of enjoyment. Please remember timber used for wooden kitchen worktops should be sourced from well managed forests. You should also note solid wood worktops may contain knots, natural colour variation and drying splits as normal features. Wood is a natural resource and can be effected by heat and humidity.Your kitchen worktop can lose and gain moisture before and after installation.
Wood is one of nature's finest and most solid materials, emitting life and individuality with no two pieces identical. The worktops look like wood and are a cheaper alternative compared to a solid wood worktop. A protective oil that enhances and revives the beauty of your wooden household products with a long-lasting, water-repellent finish.
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It is specially formulated to penetrate deep into all types of timber, nourishing and protecting. We are based in the UK, and when we began manufacturing our own oil products for wood we decided to find out for ourselves what was available here as as Danish Oil. Danish Oil can be used on almost any wooden surface, including interior and exterior furniture, doors, window frames, cladding, hardwood floors, skirting boards, gates, children’s play areas, kitchen worktops, turned wood, musical instruments and food preparation areas etc.

Bestwood Danish Oil is suitable for use with all softwood and hardwood, including exterior oak and teak. Bestwood Danish Oil can be used on any previously oiled or stained surface and can be overcoated when dry with any good quality water based or white spirit based woodstain.
On previously waxed or polished surfaces it is essential for an even finish and protection to strip back to bare wood with sandpaper, wire wool and white spirit as necessary. Being a natural resource, care and consideration should be taken before installing a solid wood kitchen worktop. Hardwood has antibacterial qualities, which makes it ideal for kitchen worktops and chopping boards.
Caring for your wooden worktop is important as wood expands when it’s warm or high humidity and contracts during colder months or low humidity. Fresh plasterwork should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 4-6 weeks before installing a solid wood worktop.
Laminate worktops offer an attractive option for your kitchen at a more affordable price compared to solid wood worktops. Made by chip board as like a laminate worktop, Solid Surface worktops have a 6mm outer wood finsh to the worktop. Simple and safe to use, it is ideal for wooden worktops, chopping boards, trolleys, and even children’s toys.
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They are comprised of many different combinations of natural and synthetic varnish and resins, mineral oil, tung oil, linseed oil, poppy oil, cotton oil, sunflower oil, white spirit, naptha, driers, anti-skin agents, etc etc!
It is safe for food contact when dry and can be used for wooden bowls, chopping boards and butchers blocks.
Care should be taken when using wire wool on oak, as any fibres left behind can react with the wood causing staining. Bear in mind when working with previously sealed surfaces that if the Danish oil cannot penetrate the wood, it cannot protect it fully. When these extreme weather patterns happen wood can bow or warp if not treated and maintained correctly. However if the wooden worktop is not ready to fit straightaway, please ensure that you have oiled the worktop and place back in its original pacakging.
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