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Get a couple tool cabinets that look like they'd be good for holding your lathe type stuff.
My preference would be to measure up the footprint of attachment face under the headstock and your tailstock ends of your lathe bed. Done a couple of lathe stands ages ago and took quite a few itterations to get to a workable solution. I made a lathe stand a while back, for a much smaller lathe - a Myford (7 inch swing in US style measurement).
New and second had stands are available for this range of lathes, but they are expensive and I thought I could do better.
The lathe bed is shown as an outline sitting on top of the whole thing - it is obviously much more complex than shown, but I didn't bother drawing this.
When in my late teens I bought a heavy duty steel cabinet from a cloth store going out of business.

By the way, I don't have room for a lathe stand, so I'll be building a moveable platform to stand on while turning. It's a good oportunity to ( say) move the motor under the lathe and have the belts verticaly. The lathe suffers far less from chatter than it did and the rigidity has allowed for really good levelling which has improved the accuracy over longer workpieces. A big problem is going to be that some free resonances of the stand might couple to the lathe's. The lathe actually sits on top of the standard Myford raising blocks which have internal jacking sleeves within them to allow for the lathe to be precisely levelled.
For a heavier lathe I would replicate the headstock style frame at the tailstock end and consider some triangulation between both left and right hand frame, although this would probably mean that you lose the simple kitchen unit storage. It comes in very handy when doing longer projects and pieces that require drilling on the lathe (peppermills).

He is an avid woodworker, and after turning on his lathe I realized how much the height mattered. It appears someone may have been turning metal on the lathe as it has a metal lathe 4 point chuck on it. If the lathe is in working order the only thing I would find out is if they had the tool rest that originally came with it.
If it does have the tool rest you could buy the lathe and maybe sell the 4 point chuck for what you paid for the lathe.

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