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We’re so pleased to introduce the third in a series of posts (with lots of great advice on the minefield which is wedding table plans!) from Lisa of The Card Gallery. I know it's something you've been trying to put off, but you are going to just have to face up to sorting out your seating plan and your top table seating plan. Your wedding breakfast is a main feature of your wedding day and seating your guests in the correct place can make or break it. Knowing where you are going to have your wedding breakfast is essential for deciding upon your seating plan. Remember, if the tables are spread too far apart your guests will feel very isolated at their tables.
Talk to the wedding or venue coordinator beforehand and ask them for advice on what works best for the number of guests you wish to invite.
The number of people you have at each table depends on how many guests you have, how many tables you have and how big the venue is. The Top Table is usually rectangle in shape, this allows guests to see the Bride and Groom and their parents easily. Away from the Top Table guests traditionally sit at round tables, with the Bride and Grooms family positioned closest to the Top Table, while friends of the bride and Groom tend to be positioned slightly further back. Here are a variety of alternate ways in which the Top Table can be arranged depending upon your circumstances. As you can see Dave and I did not have a 'traditional' Top Table, but it worked perfectly well.
This, however, can be time consuming and as more and more couples break from tradition, the Bride and Groom now tend to receive their guests without the assistance of Top Table party members. It is worth remembering that each family is different so a traditional seating plan may not be suitable in all circumstances. From left to right, the traditional Top Table should seat: Chief Bridesmaid, Groom’s Father, Bride’s Mother, Groom, Bride, Bride’s Father, Groom’s Mother, and Best Man.

Because the Top Table features only a small number of guests, it’s natural for the Bride and Groom to want to be seated near to other close friends and family as well. For many, incorporating the traditional top table seating plan down-to-a-tee is all part of the wedding day experience. If the Bride or the Groom’s parents are divorced, but are on good terms, then perhaps you will maintain the traditional Top Table layout, and seat any step-parents at the table nearest to the Top Table.
If two members on the Top Table are likely to tie each other up in knots, then it may be best to juggle the seating plan to ensure harmony on your special day. Finally, if you have any children, it is probable that you would want them to be seated at the Top Table, too. Forming part of our popular Vintage Heart Range, this elegant DIY Wedding Table Plan is customised with the first names of the bride and groom, and wedding date; all inscribed in laser-cut lettering. Many thanks to Kirsty of K Fuller Wedding Hair and Make-up, for submitting this fantastic graphic!
The shape of the room will play a large part in determining the way in which the tables are arranged to best create a great atmosphere in the room whilst the physical size will dictate how many tables you can have and therefore how many people you sit at each table. If you place the tables too close together your guests will feel uneasy and maybe claustrophobic. If you intend to have wedding entertainment during the meal, such as musicians or perhaps wedding magicians, make sure you keep your coordinator up to date with your plans, as this may also impact on the way in which the tables are arranged in the room. It is better to have fewer tables that are full, but not crowded, than many tables with a few people on each.
This also works well as all parties on the Top Table feel part of the event and communicate more easily with guests.
To ensure the smooth running of your big day, it is crucial that the sit-down part of your wedding is comfortable for both you and your guests.
If the thought of the traditional Top Table is giving you premonitions of arguments, bad atmospheres, or awkward silences between certain guests, this section will also help by suggesting ways of subtly tweaking your Top Table plan to ensure there are smiles all-round.

The only two non-family members who typically make it onto the Top Table are the Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man. It is generally expected that these ‘honoured’ guests, such as the step-parent(s) or sibling(s) of the bride or groom, or very close friends, will be seated on the table closest to the top table, as a mark of appreciation. However, you may think it is best to include any new partners, or step-parents on the Top Table as well; this may be most appropriate if both sets of parents have divorced and remarried.
Some Brides or Grooms that are particularly close to their grandparents may also wish to seat them at the Top Table.
Kirsty and her team love weddings, and are bridal hair and make-up artists based in Surrey and West Sussex. Too close could also leave your wedding guests without the room to extend their chairs in order for them to go and powder their nose, or go to the bar. If your Top Table was round, it would not work so well as some of the people would have their backs to the guests. Deciding where to seat everyone at your wedding need not be a time consuming task, especially if you are willing to stick to traditional seating plans. If either parent is widowed, then it’s possible they would prefer not to be at the Top Table, or that they would want a friend or other family member to sit with them at the Top Table.
Interestingly, in America, the parents of the Bride and Groom typically do not sit at the Top Table.
If all this Top Table business gets too much for you, you may decide to seat just you and your spouse at a small Top table, and then to have a much larger ‘second table’ where all the traditional top table guests as well as other close family and friends would be seated.

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