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We offer pairs of blades in three tooth patterns, or as a three pack containing one of each. Tip: When performing delicate work, or sawing a very tight curve, there is a tendency to shorten your saw stroke. For Gramercy Tools Bow Saw Kits, or for complete Gramercy Tools Bow Saws follow the accessory links below. Note: When we say "bow saw" we mean it in the English and American traditional sense - a small frame saw with a narrow blade for curves, piercing, and other intricate work.

The resulting blades provide a long stroke, tight turning radius and a range of thee tooth patterns that are ideal for wasting dovetails, sculptural roughing, or intricate pierced work. The cross-pins at the ends of the blade make blade changes easy and are great for getting a blade into pierced work.
Since the blade is fastened at its ends, the longer stroke will convey your angle of cut to the wood more completely rather than letting the thin blade twist up in the middle. This makes them ideal for wasting dovetails, where the a quick transition from saw-kerf to scribe-line is desirable, or when sawing curved features.

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