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If you're looking for storage sheds for sale in Australia that are well-built, easily assembled and extremely secure, then Port Container Services has the storage facility for you. The metal sheds for sale on our website come in a range of sizes – including 10', 20' and 40' units – and are modular, meaning you can expand them by adding other sheds. With all our shed sales online, we also offer a range of optional accessories to further customise your structure, which can be installed by our team of skilled engineers upon request. Our sheds are also extremely secure, featuring lockable double doors that open to 270 degrees, tyne pockets and lifting lugs, numerous tie-down anchor points and solid timber flooring, and are wind-,water- and vermin-proof. Because we are the experts when it comes to Australian shed sales, our clients include not only the general public, but councils, government departments and the Defence Force.

So no matter why you need a secure storage facility – whether it’s for tools, a lunch room on a worksite, toilets, first aid, farm use or for the safe storage of dangerous goods – you’ll find it in our extensive range of cheap sheds for sale. Browse our storage sheds online and submit and enquiry to receive an instant quote on our competitively priced services.
Our Port Shed range caters for everyone from the casual handyman looking to store their gear, to the professional tradesman wanting to create their ideal workshop. For example, the strength of the containers’ structure means you can stack them to extend your storage space upwards. We deliver our products Australia-wide, and in most cases can arrange next-day delivery on our general storage sheds that do not require optional modifications.

Or for more information on any of our storage solutions, feel free to contact us at your convenience. While many standard storage structures from other suppliers need to be constructed on a completely flat concrete slab – making them expensive and hard to assemble – ours are delivered assembled and ready for immediate use. The flexibility of our storage solutions is also evident in the transportability of the containers – you’re able to take your shed with you anywhere you need with ease.

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