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The Words and Music Songwriter Woodshed is a place for local songwriters of all levels to test brand-new and not-quite-completed songs on an audience made up of their peers -- that is, other songwriters.
The Words and Music Songwriter Woodshed is presented in conjunction with Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers' Words and Music Songwriter Showcase -- a semi-regular concert series held at various locations around Central New York, featuring local songwriters.
As many a songwriter -- amateur and professional alike -- will tell you, a woodshed is one of the most valuable ways you have to help move your new song from a good first draft to a piece of art that audience members are likely to appreciate as much as you did when writing it. The goal is to use the reactions of others to help you judge and improve your own songwriting efforts. There are no rules for the conversation, except that candor should always be tempered by empathy.

And, if you bring a song back for a second go-round, do so only after making some or all of the revisions from the earlier sessions; and yet, be ready to make even more revisions if they prove necessary. You are strongly encouraged to bring at least 10 (and better still 15) copies of your lyrics; fold lyric sheets in half, unreadable, as they will be distributed before your song but opened and read only after your song is played. Please come to the Words and Music Songwriting Woodshed and let's have a great time sharing and discussing the magical craft of songwriting. On rare occasions (in the Woodshed, as in performance) a song benefits from a little set-up; that's okay.
Participants will be able to choose which format they prefer — with critique or without, or maybe both, if time allows. Incomplete songs are permissible, but songs should be fleshed out well enough that everyone can sense and judge their overall effect.

But all the typical advance hedging and apologizing for the flaws in the upcoming song only slow down the Woodshed and corrupt everyone's untainted, virgin experience with the song.
There is no set format for discussion, although the session has a moderator to help keep conversation on track and to keep everything on time.
Beyond that, everything is fair game -- individual word choices, chord choices, melodies, tempos, the sense of entire verses or plot-lines or even the entire song!
The goal is to help the songwriter understand whether the song transmits to a listener what he or she intended.

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