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A couple of coats of Amazon teak oil makes this teak deck shine, but without making the surface smooth and slippery like varnish or Cetol would.
Back in the early ’90s, boaters had only a few choices when it came to protecting their exterior wood—traditional varnish, oils, or pigmented sealers. They don’t tend to protect for long, and the color varieties they come in are anything but natural or wood-like in their appearances. With spring in the air, the idea of relaxing in the cockpit of your boat with a refreshing drink while admiring an expanse of nicely maintained teak sounds inviting. Teak benches are beautifully crafted pieces of furniture that can be found in backyards and porches across America.
There are many different styles of teak benches, it is mainly a mater of personal preference and how you want to use it that will determine which one you should get.
Teak benches are traditional pieces of outdoor furniture that are as popular today as they were 50 years ago—a testament to their construction and the craftsmanship that goes into designing them. To get a better idea which teak bench is right for you, check out our comparison table of the best teak benches. In our last blog entry about exterior marine wood finishes, we covered the basics regarding traditional varnishes.

That said, I have seen them used to nice effect on toe rails and other large pieces of exterior trim such as sportfish cockpit cap rails, which receive a lot of abrasive wear that varnish or Cetol might not stand up to.
It naturally produces a high amount of oils, so even without being varnished it will stand up to extreme weather conditions, pests and termites. In this installment, we’ll discuss some other choices—oils, sealers, and a sort of hybrid coating that mimics some characteristics of varnish, but without all the application work. There’s the original, now called “Cetol Marine,” “Light,” which is a lighter amber color, and “Natural Teak,” which has a richer, more golden color. They’re generally a concoction of linseed and tung oils mixed with UV stabilizers that protect the wood by keeping moisture out and minimizing sun damage. The way sealers work is by leaving behind a protective coating of solids on the wood after the carrier solvents evaporate away. Teak benches come in many different designs, so they can fit the decor of just about any house. Termites can not penetrate the wood, which is perfect for homeowners, especially those who live in densely forested areas. Perhaps the biggest advantage with Cetol is that it doesn’t require the tedious sanding between coats like varnish does.

Oils look great when first applied, but they unfortunately fade away relatively quickly. That means frequent reapplication to keep those good looks up. Benches made from teak can be left outside year round without worrying about becoming damaged.
It is the preferred wood of outdoor manufacturers because the wood is easy to work into almost any design, yet still extremely strong and made of the highest quality. Cushions are available for almost all outdoor teak benches and they come in tons of colors and styles. With Cetol, you prep the wood, and then apply a minimum of three coats, making sure you wait at least 24 hours between coats—that’s it. That said, oils are great if you have only a few pieces of trim that you want to keep up, or for wood surfaces such as teak decks, where varnish or Cetol aren’t a good idea because of traction concerns.
Soap and water will work, although a commercial teak cleaner will bring out the brightest color.

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