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Minwax makes a widely available array of wood stains and we can use them if you request but usually we use commercial water based stains in our finishing process. These wood stains shade the wood in mostly wood tones rather than color tones and can be intermixed for more custom shades if the desired shade isn’t found in the stock color chart. These wood stains are basically a pastel wash that gives subtle and softer color enhancement while allowing maximum grain and wood characteristics to come through. Anyone intending to do their own staining and finishing likely already knows what to and how to do the things mentioned above. They can also be diluted with water to achieve a less intense variation of the original stain color. For example, if you type "Stain to be determined, please send medium stains on Oak", we will send 3 or 4 medium stains on Oak for you to choose from. We mix our own stains to achieve this perfect blending of tones by considering the eventual change in the color of the cherry as it ages. Once you have found a stain to your liking we recommend testing the stain on a scrap piece of wood that is the same species as the piece you intend to stain as well as sanded and prepped as you will the final wood surface.

Always test stain on a scrap piece of wood that is the same species as the piece you intend to stain. Use our contact form at the top right of this page or CLICK HERE to be taken to the Contact Us page. Make sure it is sanded and prepped the same as you will the final wood surface you intend to stain and finish.
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Stain samples consist of 2 separate boards of contrasting grain which are glued, planed, sanded, stained, top coated and then cut to size. The difference being that it contains more "sap wood" and mineral deposits or "pitting" as shown in the sample below. The luster or visual texture of Maple offers a changing panorama of beauty as light strikes the wood from various angles. Maple scores 1450 on the Janka hardness test.Brown Maple is the "heart wood" (wood towards the center of a tree) of various soft maple trees and not a specific species of tree.

Brown Maple is a smooth wood often used for painting or for darker dye stains such as Onyx.
We are currently working with our stainer to achieve results similar in appearance to Cherry but without the added Cherry cost. Mahogany varies from yellowish, reddish, pinkish, or salmon colored when freshly cut, to a deep rich red, to reddish brown as the wood matures with age. Mahogany is regarded by many as the world's premier wood for fine cabinetry, high-class furniture, trimming fine boats, pianos and other musical instruments, interior trim, and carving.

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