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While we won’t mention the dreaded “W” word, it’s never too early to start thinking about the heating season, when many Interior Alaska residents burn wood for heat.
While wood burning is a cheaper and more renewable alternative to heating oil, it also contributes to the air quality problem in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. In our study, split wood harvested in the spring took anywhere from six weeks to three months to dry during the summer, depending on the storage method. Locally sawn planks are piled for air drying and storage - note the chain saw marks - I love that!
To prevent checking and end splits while drying lumber an end coating on the logs is essential. This will improve the air flow And no melted elastic It does look like a good solar space heater though if you piped air inside from it. Burning wet wood produces excess smoke and PM 2.5-sized particles, which disperse into the air and can be harmful to health.

It depends on the species of wood, when you harvest it, how you cut it and how you store it. Split birch and split spruce, for example, dried in one and a half months when stored in a simulated wood shed or left uncovered.
While it dried out somewhat in a wood shed (to between 30 and 40 percent moisture content), some samples got wetter under a tarp during the winter. The drying sheds are orientated with variable wind-catching cowls to maximize prevailing winds for drying, together with direct solar input. A study at the Cold Climate Housing Research Center shows that wood can dry rapidly during a single summer — no matter when it’s harvested — but takes quite a bit longer over the shoulder seasons or winter.
In general, the fastest way to dry split wood was by storing it in a wood shed or leaving it uncovered, although uncovered wood is at the mercy of the weather and could be wet again by fall. Your drying times also will vary based on exposure to sun and air circulation (the more, the better).

Fully cured wood — moisture content of 20 percent or less — is not only cleaner but also produces more heat.
No matter what wood or method you use, firewood harvested in the fall won’t be fully cured by winter. Pulled the rest of my sawn lumber from the shed, and framed the 11 foot door opening header, and studs.
I'm thinking of putting vinyl siding on the outside to match the house, shop, shed, etc.

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