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Before striking your first spark for a home welding project, there are quite a few safety concerns to consider, especially when working in your garage. While regular power outlets are enough for some smaller welders, the larger welding machines will need a higher electrical output.
Most building codes require a separate HVAC system for a garage, and therefore welders living in colder climates will want to explore safe and simple ways to ventilate their workspaces while generating heat for winter projects, as well as the possibility of insulating the garage. You have heat sparks flying in all directions when you are welding as well as metal parts in many cases. If all you need is 2'X2', I would think you could make a trip to your local metal scrap dealer and come away with the materials for less than $50. I just went to my local industrial surplus place, southbend Industrial in clover, SC, they are the largest ebay seller in the carolinas and have tons of metal all shapes and sizes and thicknesses, even picked up some old 150 and 80 welding tanks to swap out at the local TSC. It’s tough to compete with products that are made overseas when you’re welding as a hobby or in a small fabrication shop. Like any small business, there are plenty of ways you can keep costs low and target specific customers with your welding projects. If you have a lot of scrap metal around, you can turn today’s trash into tomorrow’s cash by fabricating a series of small welding projects from bookends to candle holders to small shelves.
The best place to start with a niche welding project will be with a specific group of people, such as sports fans, people who share a common hobby (such as auto-racing or horse riding), or even other welders. If you targeted people who enjoy working on cars or auto-racing, a trip to the local junk yard may give you everything you need to get started on your next welding project.

Welders have made a solid living for themselves by tapping into customized welding projects, with the most common type of project being a sign that is welded together and then designed with a plasma cutter. Homeowners will need custom-designed metal work from time to time, and so you may be able to create a series of welding projects that can be customized depending on the location. If you want to get in on higher end welding projects, you could weld desks, tables, mirror frames, or light fixtures for homeowners.
Having connections with building contractors and a series of samples will help you pick up new clients and referrals, but once you place a couple of high end projects for homeowners, the word of mouth will help grow your side business. It doesn't matter how you shape the metal as long as you can form the basic shapes needed to construct the parts of the rose.
This helped me so much I have to create a bouquet of these for a project and I had no idea where to begin. I made my girlfriend a metal rose and gave it to her she liked it so my next project I made a sculpture with her name for christmas.. Usually an open window with a box fan will be enough to ventilate a welding area, but check with a welding professional before starting a project. So long as you can keep your costs low for materials, you stand a chance at turning a profit from your niche projects.
A welding project like that will take a lot of practice and artistic ability, but it could work if you’re willing to work as an installer alongside someone with more experience in cutting. In addition, coat racks, wine racks, and letter holders can all be custom-designed for higher end homes, and welders can create these projects based on each homeowner’s needs.

Visit today for deals on leading welding helmets, welding gloves, welding machines, and everything else you need for your next project. I TIG welded this with a Lincoln Electric Precision 275 TIG welder.This was an awesome project to do. The best welding set up is one that minimizes distractions and hazards that can get in the way while working on a project. While you need to be wary of lower cost competitors at big box stores, there is a local market for high quality, made in America welding projects that you can fabricate right in your shop. Be sure to choose heavy duty metal and wheels for both, as welding sometimes involves heavy materials. Welders with mixed use spaces use air blowers to clean their work spaces and frequently check for any smoke or smoldering after completing their projects.
That said, we've sold a few where we did the assembly and none of them have come back to the shop with complaints.
Also, instead of using mild steel filler metal I used 304L rod, which actually added a real unique coloring element once I blued it.

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