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The incredible clockwork teasmade on the cover is just one of over 100 bizarre and ingenious gadgets in Maurice Collins' collection from the complexity of mechanical fruit peelers and a hand-pumped automatic shaver to the simplicity of the 'toe socks' of the 1920s which claimed to cut hosiery bills by 80%.
From an Amazon review:The book is a treasure trove of ideas, examples, information and entertainment all centered around crafts and skills that have nearly vanished from our cultural landscape.

An adjustable fuel valve controls the engine's speed and the simple yet elegant movement of the valve rod, cross head, and crankshaft are clearly visible at lower revolutions. The next time you have what you think is a 'crazy idea' you might check this book and decided that it's not so crazy after all.

Dark wood veneer desk
Plans for fancy birdhouses


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