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You don’t have to be an expert, experienced woodworker to build a functional and attractive outdoor bench for your yard, patio, or porch. You can find our previous list of free simple outdoor bench plans here and now here is a new list of simple garden bench designs you can use to enhance your outdoor space.  All these plans are available for free from reputable sites.
Here is a sturdy, lovely bench with detailed plans and instructions from Popular Mechanics.
For the most part, these benches are also very inexpensive, depending mostly upon the type of wood you decide to build them with.  Please see our post on outdoor wood types for suitable material suggestions. With all these simple and free outdoor benches plans, there is no reason not to get busy and enhance your landscape today!

Simple and fast bench plans that you can build in an hour or 2 from Woodworkers Guild of America. A simple, modern style bench that you can build with basic tools and minimal woodworking experience from Ana White. A nice sturdy bench that can be lengthened or shortened to suit your needs from Handyman Wire.
An inexpensvie and easy to build garden bench that can also be built without the curved seat to make it even easier from Garden Gate Magazine. Easy to build and versatile outdoor duckboard platforms can be used for a variety of projects including outdoor benches.  From Shopsmith.

However, if you don’t have much experience, it would be wise to begin with a relatively simple bench design.

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