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Engineering & Design Fair Dinkum Sheds always provide a real shed with real value at a fair dinkum price. Quaker Barns will give you extra style and much more headroom if you choose this unique looking shed.
We’ve been doing it for over 25 years, and with over 180,000 sheds and garages sold by our distributors nationwide, our experience speaks for itself.We’re experts in the design, engineering, supply and construction of quality Australian steel sheds, barns, garages, carports, workshops and industrial buildings.

Whether you need more height to fit in something tall, or you wish to add a second floor to your garage, the Quaker Barn can be the right choice of Fair Dinkum Shed.Make a statement with the Quaker Barn.
This includes site-specific drawings and a full set of structural calculations on all our sheds so you can be assured your shed has been designed for your site. And because of our national buying power you can be sure you are getting a great price.Fair Dinkum Sheds have been independently audited by the Australian Steel Institute - we are one of only a handful of ShedSafeTM accredited companies.

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