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Yes, once you see the all the cool things a router can do, you will want to learn how to use it and you will eventually fall in love!
I have three routers – a standard router, a standard router mounted on my router table and a plunge router. A router can shape edges, cut dovetails, cut grooves and be used for a variety of decorative edges.
If you have room in your shop you may want to consider also purchasing a table for your router. A plunge router has an adjustable depth stop.  For deep cuts, the depth cut can be set in progressions and slowly remove material without trying to take out to much with one cut. You probably have seen a plunge router at a local fair or festival, where artist rout out the names of children and adults on a piece of wood.
I haven’t even begun to use a plunge router to its full potential, but that will not take me long.

Of course the hero of the whole deal are the router bits, they come in a variety of profiles and sizes, but unless they are sharp and free of nicks, they won’t cut properly or safely.  Carbide bits keep a sharp edge longer than inexpensive high speed steel bits. At corners, where the router base has the least support, slow down and keep one router handle over the work piece for improved control.
Always use a guide with a router, if the bit doesn’t have a pilot of its own, use a metal straight edge as a guide.
Today, we will be working together for making a table saw from circle saw.I invite you to check out the video here and the steps taken. A nice design easy to build custom wall clock by using the 12 teeth gear template in the first photo you can cut out the design on the bandsaw or by hand.
This is a somewhat out-of-the-ordinary block cart I built for my little nephew, as a present for his first birthday. Back in October I posted a build featuring a urn I made out of a Harley-Davidson piston chamber.

I'm very picky when it comes to closet doors, I don't really like any of the options out there.
When working with larger pieces or routing the same edge on a large number of pieces, using a table-mounted router saves time and is less taxing on the arm muscles. It has fallen out of favor with the advent of powered machines, better adhesives and mechanical joinery options. For instance, instead of having to keep reattaching the router to my router table, I have one permanently attached.

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