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The idea of planning sample projects allows you to manage typical projects easier because you can create a series of sample documents and organize key project activities in advance before your project gets started.
A project is comprised of a series of different activities with a starting point, middle point and an ending point. For designing a project management task list, project managers use Microsoft excel however due to the advancement of technology, today project management task list software are also available that made it easy and convenient because such software are particularly designed for the purpose. Following are the key elements that a project manager should consider while creating a project management task list. The project manager should prepare a list of all the activities and tasks that needs to perform to get the end results. Look at your project team and review their skills, as you have to assign tasks on the basis of the skills of the work team.
Communicate your plans and project management task list with your team and also ask for suggestions that can help you in a positive way.
Keep your project management task list a bit flexible for your own and your employee’s comfort. Managing projects is a tricky process in which the management and supervisor manage different tasks which a project includes and assign these tasks to other employees and staff members. A project to do list comes handy in this situation as it includes number of details related to a project. Then put the name of the supervisor of the project and his position in the company followed by the names of teammates who will be working on this project.
Start listing the names of each task that needs to be done in the project and afterwards, highlight those tasks that are more important than others so you can complete them before others. Put the name of the in charge of each project and his associates which are responsible to deliver a particular part of the whole project. Put the name of the person whom each team will deliver the project who is also working in the inspection team to keep an eye on the quality of the project.
The deadline for the delivery of the whole project should be put in the bottom of the list so that people always keep track of the time they are spending.
Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules.
It is a complex of the three processes targeted at forming a team capable to perform project tasks on time and within budget and to deliver the project product as per specification. This sample activity of your project refers to planning working time, creating schedules, designing project timelines, and identifying optimized durations for project tasks through using metrics of time management. This key project activity includes identification, analysis and control of threats and uncertainties that surround your project. During the life-cycle of your project you will need to organize status meetings to discuss issues with your team, get status reports and communicate with stakeholders. This activity involves you in setting requirements for the reporting process and in establishing the format and periodicity of updates that will tell you about the latest changes made to your project.

This is the key document that states who will participate in your project and what roles and duties will be assigned to the participants. While Project Charter shows the organizational structure of your project, Project Plan lets review what goals are set and what needs to be done to accomplish your project. It is a document that depicts names of people involved in your project, their roles, concerns and interests in the project. This document establishes ways for communicating with project stakeholders and exchanging information.
It is a document that lists all the risks that may occur during the course of your project. This document lets you record all the changes occurred in your project and then use change management methods to respond to new conditions of your project environment.
The biggest benefit of making a project management task list is, it saves time and allocate all the required resources in a sequence and organized manner. Once make a detailed list of tasks then divide it into categories on the basis of its importance.
For example, the project is to prepare a lawn; your base tasks will be the removal of debris, installation of fences and preparation of the soil.
Also consider the timeline of the project, as you have to complete the project in the given period of time.
Assign extra time to the tasks that are of great importance because of the success of a project you can bear any kind of errors in the basic and important tasks.
This involves number of tasks such as allocating resources for the project, preparing a strategy to achieve the pre-defined goals and hiring most compatible staff.
The activity can be best organized by using scheduling tools of project management software, such as VIP Task Manager.
Budgeting is the process of defining budget for a project and allocating financial resources to project activities. Risk management activity lets you define project risks and then list all the defined risks in one document called Risk Register.
When you are able to manage changes you can mitigate the influence of uncertain events and quickly adapt your project environment to new work conditions.
To plan project meetings and communication, you can create meeting agenda at the very beginning of your project. Use project management software to communicate with project stakeholders and present results of the project. Project Plan is a decomposition of tasks and processes to be performed in order to deliver the project. Stakeholders List is a table in which stakeholders of your project are grouped by roles and each of the roles refers to a rage of interests.
Project Schedule lets set time characteristics for project tasks and processes, review durations, create timelines, and design calendars.

Communications Plan allows you to identify how flows of information on requirements will be organized, what permissions to project data each participant will have, and how to exchange feedback. Change Log is a tool that lets you modify your strategy and amend your structure in order to make the project current. You will generate and share status reports showing current situation with delivering your project. Projects therefore are unable to complete by a single person or a couple of two because a project needs to have lots of activities to be performed by different skill holders.
Mostly a project is not something that a single person does but it needs to be done by more than one person and many involve number of departments too.
Cost Control refers to the process of monitoring how the allocated budget is used and identifying ways for reducing project costs. Project management software will let you use to-do lists and checklists to plan the activity for managing risks.
In your template of Stakeholders List you can add such roles as Team, Owner, Sponsor, Customer, Contributor. To create and follow your sample of Communications Plan you can use project management software. The process in which a project is organized in terms of time, resources and skills are called project management and the person is known as the project manager. This list includes information such as the in charge of the project, number of employee involved in it and responsibility of each one of them. These weekly tasks includes the less […]To Do List Task Planner Template Daily to do list is a planned list prepared by an individuals that contains the detail regarding the daily schedule tasks performed in the whole day. You can use Reports Builder of VIP Task Manager to create and share reports on your sample project. Through project management, a person classifies all the tasks in different categories, starting and ending time, required skills and qualification, deliverables, measurement plans and resources to be used. This way it seems quite difficult to oversee and supervise the whole project and also keep track of the progress of the project and individual performances of the employees for future references. Daily to do list is […]Project Activity List Template When a company is hired to complete a project, the client or customers just wants to see the completed task and he has no concern what the company goes through in the way over to the finish line. After getting calls for project proposal from government agencies, the business organizations try to […]Advertising Agency Invoice Template The art of advertising has become one of the biggest industries in the world of today.
Advertising, which has deep roots in human psychology, is […]Daily Task Planner Template The key to success is time management regardless of the nature of the task and of the importance of the task.
A daily task list or a daily to do list is a good technique that will help you in […]Sales Call List Template Unlike a few decades back, now companies prefer to sell their products on telephone and it means there is no need to meet the clients personally.

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